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Quote: put text here

My name means "green twig" in Greek!!



Status update: at least 3 updates

7/3/12- I had to call pest control while Sulfur and Oxygen came 

for the slumber party! There were ants and rats everywhere!

It was so GROSS~

12/13/14- I went to make glass vases with Selenium, Sulfur, and Arsenic! 

We were able to make it at a low melting point! It was so awesome..

2/2/15- I performed an experiment with Mercury. We made

a low-temperature thermometer and the liquid remained at -60! 

Overview: 3-5 sentences about the elements (physical and chemical properties)

I am silvery-gray, easily melt, and very soft. I'm soft enough to cut with an

ordinary knife and will leave a mark on paper if rubbed across it. I am fairly

active and react with many elements, including Sulfur, Oxygen, Hydrogen,

Selenium and more. My compounds and myself are very toxic and when exposed

to humans, it is very dangerous. I was used to kill ants and rodents, but my

use was banned in the United States since 1974. 


Relationship Status: I'm in a relationship with Potassium!

(I am mainly found in the minerals of Potassium in nature.)


Parent: My dad is Sir William Crookes ,and I don't have a mom.


Network: I'm a metal.                                                                                                                                                                                         


Valence electrons: I have 3 valence electrons.


Reactivity: I have a moderate temper, but I am worst enemies with acid.

(I am moderately reactive and most reactive with acid)

State of Matter: I am a solid at room temperature.  

Location on Periodic Table: My house number is 136.

(period 6 and group 13)


Birthday: I was born in March 1861


Hometown: I was born at a lab in London, Great Britain


Group: I am living in a neighborhood called the Boron Group.(Boron Group Page

Activities & Interests:2-3 sentences about the elements.(physical and chemical properties)

My appearance resembles Lead. My melting point is 304 and my

boiling point is 1473℃. My density is 11. 85 grams per cubic centimeter.

I react with Oxygen and water vapors to form black, powdery substances.


Places: "check in" with at least three places the element can be found

5/5/12- I was found in the most common minerals containing me:

crooksite, lorandite, and hutchinsonite!

6/7/13- I was found in sylvite and pollucite, minerals of Potassium, today.

I'm widely dispersed, mainly in Potassium.

9/2/15- I am partially water-soluble, so as a result, I was swimming and

spreading with underground water when soils contained large amount of the

component.I can also be spread by adsorption on sludge.. 




Create a photo album:

  • fun images - pictures that contain the element      

- every photo must have a caption                               

- tag other elements in the pictures


Boher Model Diagram

Protons+: 81


Elctrons-: 81

This is the Boher model of Thallium. Thallium has

81 protons, 123 neutrons and 81 electrons,

since it is neutral.

This image reflects the origin of Thallium's name and

its use in the manufacture of reflective glass.


This is the metal form of Thallium. It's silvery-grayish.


This is Thallium chloride. Thallium and its compounds are

very toxic and dangerous. (Chlorine)

This is the picture of a mineral that has Thallium in it.

This is Thallium oxide. (Oxygen) Thallium and Oxygen

combine to form a black, powdery substance.


This is Thallium sulfate. Thallium, Sulfur, and Oxygen

will combine and form a poison for rodents and ants.

(Oxygen, Sulfur)

This dick is made of Thallium Bromide-Iodide. It is used in

devices to detect infrared radiation.

(Bromine, Iodine)

This is the picture of the mineral that contains Thallium in it.

 It is called Crooksite. Besides crooksite, lorandite and hutchinsonite are

also the most common minerals containing Thallium.

The soft metal thallium is used in heart scans to evaluate the blood supply to the heart.

The soft metal Thallium is used in heart scans to evaluate the

blood supply to the heart. 

Bonus!! This is Sir William Crooks, a British chemist, who found

Thallium for the first time..















Groups: list the pages you are a "fan" of here

I am a fan of "Group Boron!!"

(Boron Group Page


Resources: make sure to cite your resources here. If you copied a picture or got information from somewhere else..make sure to tell everyone! I don't want any COPY CATS!

Resources for Information







-Miller, Ron. The Elements. N.p.: Twenty-First Century, n.d. Print



Resources for Pictures







Friends: add your friends here- make sure you link it and insert their profile pictures

I have many element friends.

1. Boron (Boron)

One of them is Boron!! We are in the same Boron Group(Boron Group Page)

We are very familiar to each other, because we're related. We're

in the same family group! We also have same numbers of valence electrons. 


2. Sulfur (Sulfur)

Sulfur is also my friend. Sulfur and I form Thallium Sulfide (Tl2S), which is used in

devices to detect infrared radiation.


3. Oxygen (Oxygen)

No profile picture..

Oxygen and I combine to form black, powdery substances with water vapor. 

I have no use in metallic form because my pureself quickly react and combine with them.

*Bonus: In addition, Sulfur, Oxygen, and I often get along together. We form Thallium

sulfate(Tl2SO4). We were dangerous and poisonous! We became a tasteless, odorless

compound that was once used as a rat and ant poison. Although we had been banned

from household use in the United States since 1974, we still have a great memory 

of hanging out together.


4. Selenium (Selenium)

Selenium Poster sample

Selenium is one of my friends, too! I am used in conjunction with Selenium,

as well as Sulfur and Arsenic, to form low melting glass. Also, my dad had to remove

all Selenium from the sludge, left over from the production of sulfuric acid (H2SO4)

so he could discover me for the first time.


5. Lead (Lead)

Lead is an awesome friend. However, Lead looks a lot like me. So, many people

get confused. Like lead, I am a metal that is soft and has low melting point.

We are both toxic,as well as our compounds.  


6. Mercury (Mercury)

Mercury also looks a lot like me. Whenever I hang out with Lead and Mercury, people

often ask if we are triplets. But we're not!! Mercury is also a soft metal and has low

melting points. He's also toxic, as well as his compounds. Besides looking alike, Mercury

and I are combined to form an alloy.(An alloy is a solution of metal in metal.) The alloy

of Mercury and I can be used to make low-temperature thermometers. It will remain its liquid

at appoximately -60℃. 


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Comments (2)

Anne Alarcon said

at 2:29 pm on Oct 16, 2012

What is your name in Italian?
What is your name origin?

Thalium said

at 12:11 am on Nov 5, 2012

My name in Italian is Tallio.
My name is originated from the Greek word,"Thallos", meaning
a green twig from thallium's bright green spectral lines.

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