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"Sulfur is a hothead. It Is Highly flammable"  :~)


Status update:

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Just got burned to make sulfur dioxide. What a rush! :)-10/20/12

I am currently in the clouds as sulfur dioxide, about to make some acid rain.-10/22/12

Right now, I am vulcanising some rubber. -10/18/12


3-5 sentences about the elements. (physical and chemical properties)

I appear in  solid yellow crystals in big groups. I am stable in water and air but am highly flammable. I have melting point of 115 degrees Celsius. My boiling point is 445 degrees Celsius.



Relationship Status: Married to copper


Parent:Louis-Joseph Gay-Lussac


Network: Nonmetal


Valence Electrons: 6


Reactivity: Highly Reactive  
State of Matter: Solid  
Location on Periodic Table:Period 3 Group 16  

Birthday: Unknown (It is mentioned in the Bible)


Hometown: Mount Etna in Sicily(was mined there)


Group: Group 16

Activities & Interests:

3-5 sentences about the elements. (physical and chemical properties)

I love to mix with other elements.  Most people think that I explode when I touch water but we don't, I hang with him all the time.  I am usually a solid having humans haul me out of volcanos, it's really fun.





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Checking in in Iraq with every one of those bullets I helped shoot. 7/23/11

War's ruining my life, I have no time with my kids because I'm deployed again 3/17/12

Finally back home relaxing with my family 11/5/12



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My Friends and I around the World






Electron Shell Diagram


P+ 16






 [Bohr Model of Sulfur]





"Sulfur in a Swim Suit (Smokin' Hot)"






"Chillin with my Bro Copper"





"Duelin w/ my bro Charcoal"













"Some human friends mining Sulfur"





"Here I am in some soap" 

"I also had fun making some lithium-sulfur batteries"






"Here I am in some vegitable fertilizer"






"That's me in some sulfur hexafluoride"

"I also on my way home made some insecticide"








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ISBN:0-7172-7572-8 "Sulfur"



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